Opening Shared Use
This section focuses on the actual IMPLEMENTATION of a shared use project and provides resources on fostering partnerships and engaging the community to boost attendance and create success stories.

1. Open

Once you’ve looked through all of the PLAN resources, developed your vision, engaged your community and all relevant partners, you may be ready to launch your shared use initiative. Here are some helpful tips from those that have been through it. 
  • Tip from 2016 Maricopa County Shared Use Initiative (Coming Soon)

2. Let the Community Know

Opening your gates is half the battle. Next, you need to make sure people know that you’re open. A well thought out communication plan can increase the number of community members in your shared use space.

3. Use Key Leaders

As explained before, best practice for shared use projects is involving key community members at every stage of the process. This can be very beneficial when the site opens to the community! What leaders or influencers are good at getting the word out? Get them involved and sharing the news! These community leaders can also help draw in additional volunteers, your initiative may need.

4. Host a Launch Event

A formalized, and heavily promoted launch event can be a great way to kick-off your shared use project. Draw community members in with a creative event and use the opportunity to announce what you’re doing. 
  • Example Launch Events (Coming Soon)
  • Grand Opening/Launch Event Checklist (Coming Soon)
  • Template Press Release (Coming Soon)
  • Template Media Kit (Coming Soon)

5. Fail Forward

Every project is bound to have some less than successful moments. Failing forward is a term for taking undesirable results, learning from them, and pushing on. You might learn from your own experiences or from others’ too.