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You can be a hero by fostering one of our homeless animals! Every day we see pets come to us who are too young, injured or sick to be placed in adoptive homes. Or maybe they just need a break from the shelter environment. Foster parents provide the critical bridge between shelter and adoption for these pets while they grow, or heal from their injuries or learn that people can be trusted in a loving home. Foster parents offer a safe place to stay and give the animals the love they need in their hearts. 

There are many different kinds of fostering, including medical, behavioral, short- and long-term fostering and finding homes for shelter dogs. We need all of you! Consider spending a day with a dog who has been too long at the shelter; take a dog to an off-site-adoption event; network a dog who you are fostering until permanent placement. Working together, we can save so many more.
To get started, simply fill out the Foster Application (PDF) and send it to one of our Foster Coordinators.

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There are thousands of pets who come through our doors every year who would benefit from foster care; we want to have trained foster parents waiting as soon as they come in. By joining our foster team, you help us expand what pets we are able to care for and allow us to save hundreds of our community pets.

Questions about becoming a foster parent? Call our West Shelter Foster Coordinator at 602-372-1158 or our East Shelter Foster Coordinator at 602-506-6279.

Medical Fostering

Want to foster an animal in need who has some medical issues? To learn more about the program, view this short video and take the foster knowledge quiz (linked from video).

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