County Improvement Districts

What is an Improvement District?

Per state law, residents in a neighborhood or a community in an unincorporated area of the county may choose to form a County Improvement District (CID) to fund infrastructure improvements including:

  • Roadway paving
  • Street lighting
  • Water or sewer service
  • Community parks
  • Traffic calming

Per state statutes, these improvements are financed through the issuance of improvement bonds. Once the improvements are complete, an assessment or tax is placed on the properties within the CID and will remain until the bonds have been repaid. Some CIDs require ongoing payment for continuous services such as street lighting or sewer service.

The Board of Supervisors (BOS) has created the Office of the Superintendent of Streets (OSoS) to assist the residents and facilitate the establishment of CIDs in accordance with said statutes.

County residents interested in establishing a CID can go to our steps and procedures page to find out how to start one. You may also contact us at 602-506-0419

Additional Information for Certain Types of County Improvement Districts

  1. Paving
  2. Street Lighting
  3. Maintenance

A Paving Improvement District (PID) is designed to provide neighborhoods with a method to pave streets or make roadway improvements on private roads. These Districts are established through a resident driven petition process.

PID streets are constructed with the intent to turn over ownership, operation, and maintenance to the Maricopa County Department of Transportation (MCDOT). MCDOT requires that these streets meet the following criteria:

  • Easements must meet a 50 foot minimum and be dedicated to the public and accepted by County Board of Supervisors
  • Roads/streets must be engineered by a registered professional engineer
  • Construction must be permitted and constructed to MCDOT standards via an open Low-Bid process
  • A licensed-bonded contractor must be selected through sealed bid process as prescribed by statutes.