Version 4.1.9

Release Date

June 11, 2009

New Features of the Drainage Design Management System for Windows, Version 4.1.9

In this version the ESRI MapObject component is replaced by another shape file process component to free the users from the dependence of the ESRI software who are to use the shape file related functions inside the Drainage Design Management System for Windows (DDMSW).

In the previous DDMSW version the users have to have the ESRI software installed on their computers in order to run shape file related functions. Further the ESRI software version has to be matching with the version the DDMSW map module is compiled in order to make DDMSW map module operate properly. This will potentially cause some problem when either the users upgrade their ESRI software version or DDMSW is recompiled with new ESRI version.

This version allows the users to bring in the customized QI values into the DDMSW.