School Health Advisory Council

A School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) is recommended to have at least 5 members and meet at least four times per school year. SHACs with multiple perspectives among them have an easier time answering the questions, come up with more innovative strategies to promote health and wellness in their schools, have greater buy-in when implementing plans, and are more sustainable long term. A SHAC can also be added to an existing group that is focusing on school improvements. 

SHACs are proven to be more successful and satisfied throughout the process when comprised of (at least one each of) the following roles:

  • Principal or Assistant Principal
  • PE Teacher, Coach, or Athletic Director
  • Health Teacher
  • Classroom Teacher
  • Student
  • Parent
  • School Nutrition Services Member or Manager
  • School Counselor, Psychologist, or Social Worker
  • School Nurse or Health Aide
  • Custodial Professional
  • Other: Para-professionals, librarians, grounds keeping professionals, community members, religious leaders, business owners, or local health resources.