Prospective Schools

Information for Prospective Schools

We are excited to help you improve the health and wellness of your school. The Healthy Schools Network is built on the ASCD Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model which focuses on the school health components that every school should have to ensure the health, safety, and wellbeing of their students, staff and environment.

The tabs below offer prospective schools key information about participation. Once you are ready to bring this program to your school, please use the application at the bottom of this page. 

  1. Year One
  2. Year Two
  3. Ongoing Support

In year one, schools use the CDC School Health Index (SHI) to identify and prioritize which health programs are most likely to be effective in promoting healthy behaviors at your school. Along with this self-assessment, year one is designed to create a School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) who will develop the schools action plan to implement during year two.

At a glance:

  • Funding: $1,000 stipend for School Coordinator and  $1,000 for materials
  • Building a team: The School Health Advisory Council is the schools core team during this program.
  • Assessment: The School Health Index is a tool to identify and prioritize needs in your school.
  • Planning for action: Action plans are used to map out a plan to improve the targeted areas in your school.


In order to bring this program to your school, we recommend you have a few items in place:

  1. Buy-in from administration. We are happy to meet with your school administration and offer assistance to support this.
  2. Identify a Site Coordinator and other important roles. See descriptions below:
School Site Coordinator
The School Site Coordinator will be the main person working on this program at the school level. They will be in charge of coordinating orientation with MCDPH staff, setting up a School Health Advisory Council and planning meetings, completing the School Health Index (SHI), facilitation of the creation of the School Health Improvement Plan and reporting back to MCDPH. The Site Coordinator will receive a $1,000 stipend at the end of Year 1 once all deliverables are met.

District Coordinator
This person’s job title will vary with each district, but this will be the person who works with Maricopa County to complete the contract and assists in this process. Depending on how many schools are in the district, this person might help with coordinating orientation and coordinating the site coordinators. This person often works with the Finance Coordinator in processing payment.

Finance Coordinator
This person’s job title will vary with each district. This person is in charge of; creating invoices for school payment once deliverables have been met, submit invoices to Maricopa County for payment, assist Site Coordinators in purchasing, and manage the grant funds.


Complete a brief online form below. For questions about the application process, contact Emily Flanigan at or 602-372-8435.