If you are requesting a permit for the first time, you are encouraged to call 602-506-3301 before beginning the permit process.

For the best experience submitting permit information online or if you’re experiencing issues, we recommend using a current version of either the Chrome or Safari browsers.

Step 1Prepare.

  Know what type of permit application you need to complete. Need help with this? Read the guide on application types.
Make sure you have your site plans.
Know what other required documents you'll need to provide. These are listed on the permit applications, provided in step 2.
  Have your contact information, owner & property information handy. Look up your parcel number for property information.
  Make sure your documents meet all requirements. See Document Guidelines and Check Your PDFs Before Submitting.
  Know your project's upfront fees (if any), and get an estimate for your project's permitting costs.

Step 2Fill Out the Application.

The applications are listed by category. Select the one that's right for your project. Don't see the application you're looking for? View all permits, call 602-506-3301, or request more information online.


Addition, Accessory, Alteration (Tenant Improvement), Comm Manufactured Building, New Commercial Construction

  Billboards & Signs

Billboard, Monument Sign, Wall Sign

  Cell Towers

Cell Tower Alteration, New Cell Tower


Grading - Infrastructure/Subdivision (max $42,000), Grading - Miscellaneous/Paving, Grading - Stockpile/Grading Only


Construct, Remodel, New Owner. Skip Step 3 and submit applications and supporting documentation through our online form.

  Water & Waste

Onsite Waste Water (Septic) -- Alteration, Closure or Abandonment, Minor Plan Review, Phase I (Site and Soils), Phase II (Conventional System), Phase II (Alternative System), Planning and Development Plan Review.  Skip Step 3 and submit applications and supporting documentation through our online form.

Stormwater - Pre-Construction, Post Construction.

Subdivision & Infrastructure (water/sewer lines) - Approval to Construct, Approval of Construction, Approval of Sanitary Facilities for a Subdivision, Approval of A312G Alternative Features. Skip Step 3 and submit applications and supporting documentation through our online form.

Mobile Home Park - Construction (new/additional spaces), Expired Permit of Mobile Home Park, New Owner/New Permit. Skip Step 3 and submit application and supporting documentation in person or via mail.


Visit our Food Permits page for guidance on permitting a restaurant or food-related business.

Step3Apply Using the Permit Tool.

Here you will either register as a first time user or sign in. The tool will walk you through a number of questions and prompts. You will be uploading the permit application you filled out, along with your required PDF documents and paying any up front fees, if applicable.


Some projects require multiple permits.

  Is your project in a flood plain?
In most cases, you can get a flood plain permit in the same place you get your commercial permit. If you’re not sure, contact us about your specific situation

Does your project impact air quality?
You might need a dust permit. Find out more.