Lead Safe Maricopa County

Lead paint presents a serious health hazard. Children under 6 years old are most at risk. Lead can also harm unborn babies during pregnancy if the lead gets into the body through swallowing or breathing deteriorated paint particles. 

To reduce childhood lead poisoning, Maricopa County's Human Services Department has a program offered at no cost to qualified households that conducts an inspection for lead paint hazards and works to eliminate the lead hazard if it is detected.  

The program focuses on dwellings built before 1978 since the use of lead-based paints was banned for residential use in 1978. Common places where lead-based paint is found indoors include windows, walls, cabinets, and doors. Lead-based paint can also be found outdoors on siding, porches, railings, or gates.  

How to Apply

Step 1 Check Eligibility

To qualify for the Lead Safe program, a homeowner or renter must meet the following criteria:

  • The dwelling must be located in Maricopa County, but not in the city of Phoenix;
  • The dwelling must be built before 1978;
  • The dwelling must be a single-family home or an apartment complex with less than 15 units;
  • A child under the age of six (6) or a pregnant woman must live in the home or a child under the age of six (6) visits at least three hours a day on two (2) separate days a week; and
  • The household’s total income is at or below 80% Area Median Income. 

80% of the Area Median Income

80% of the Area Median Income for Fiscal Year 2022 as defined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Effective June 15, 2022.
Household Size
Annual Household Income
Each Additional Person
Contact us for households larger than 8

Step 2 Complete Online Inquiry Form

To receive additional information about the Lead Safe Maricopa County program, please complete the confidential online inquiry form by clicking on the button below. After you have submitted the form, the Human Services Department will contact you within 10 business days to discuss your inquiry.

If you require assistance with the form, or would like to request the form in paper, please call 602-506-1258, TTY 711, or email LeadSafe@maricopa.gov.


Lead is a naturally occurring element, but it can be harmful when it gets into the body, especially for young children and pregnant women. Although lead-based paint has been banned for consumer use, homes and apartments built before 1978 may have peeling or chipping lead-based paint. Lead is particularly dangerous to children under six years old; it can cause delayed growth, behavioral problems, hearing loss, and brain damage.

FREE services provided to eligible homes may include:

  • Lead testing to determine if your home has lead hazards.
  • The removal of those hazards, if found.
  • Your property may also qualify for minor healthy home repairs that will help make it safer.

No. We are taking applications for openings now and currently there is no waitlist!

Both the interior and exterior of the home will be tested. Based on the results of the test, lead hazard removal may occur inside and/or outside of the home.

Unfortunately, no. If lead-based paint is not found during the test, you will be provided a copy of the test results and no further actions will be taken on the home. You may still apply for other Maricopa County housing programs.

No. The Lead Safe Maricopa County program seeks to avoid elevated blood lead levels from occurring in children whenever possible. A child’s blood lead level is not used in determining eligibility.

No. Maricopa County has a pool of qualified, licensed contractors that will perform the work.

The need for relocation is a possibility if there are any health and safety concerns with the work to be performed. If necessary, relocation will be brief, never to exceed 10 days. Maricopa County will facilitate and accommodate any necessary relocation needs.