Where can I apply for a position?
Learn more about where to apply for positions by contacting the Human Resources Department
Click here to contact HRHuman Resources Department.

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1. Where can I apply for a position?
2. Where can I submit an application?
3. What kind of benefits does Maricopa County offer?
4. Can I view the status of my application after it has been submitted?
5. Will I receive an email notification at the conclusion of the application review process?
6. How will I receive notices from Maricopa County regarding my application?
7. My contact information has changed. How do I update my contact information for an application(s) that has already been submitted?
8. Can I view and/or print a copy of a previously submitted application?
9. Can I view and/or print a copy of a previous job posting that I applied for?
10. Can I save my application as a work in progress?
11. What positions are commonly recruited?
12. I'd like to become a registered contractor or vendor for Correctional Health Services (CHS). What do I do?
13. What if I am an external business and would like to obtain a contract with Maricopa County?