I did not get tested at the Health Department, why are you trying to contact me?
The Maricopa County Department of Public Health may be trying to contact you for any number of reasons. The bottom line is that, if they are trying to reach you, please speak to them. Public Health is tasked with protecting the health of the public by identifying and treating people who have an infectious disease, by notifying and testing people who have been exposed to an infectious disease and by preventing infectious diseases in the environment. Public Health investigates 87 different infectious diseases. We also provide WIC services, routine childhood and adult immunizations, food inspections, food handlers cards, mosquito fogging and many, many other services. No matter what your situation is, Public Health is here to help.

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1. What is HIV?
2. How is HIV transmitted?
3. How can HIV be prevented?
4. Who is at risk for HIV?
5. How do I know if I am infected?
6. If I think I have been exposed to HIV, how soon can I get tested?
7. What if I'm positive?
8. What if I'm negative?
9. If I test HIV negative, does that mean that my partner is HIV negative also?
10. What if I was exposed to HIV within the last 72 hours?
11. How do I prove to my partner that I am HIV negative?
12. If somebody did not tell me that they have HIV can they be arrested?
13. Is there a website or database where I can look up my partner to see if they are HIV+?
14. I did not get tested at the Health Department, why are you trying to contact me?
15. I am HIV+ but don’t have insurance. Is there any help for me?
16. I am HIV+ but don’t want to tell my partner. What can I do?
17. If I’m HIV+ and my partner is too, why do we still need to use condoms?
18. People who have HIV look sick, so can’t you tell if somebody has it just by looking at them?
19. I was just told that I have HIV but I feel healthy. Why do I need to see a doctor now, can’t I wait?
20. I know I’m not at risk for HIV so I don’t need to get tested, right?
21. I don’t want to get tested because my insurance will kick me off.