How do I get paid?

Once awarded a contract, a vendor must complete their registration in the Maricopa County Vendor Self-Service Portal (VSS) in order to receive payment for commodities or services furnished to the County. After registration in VSS, a vendor must submit an original invoice to the using agency. Invoices should not be sent to Office of Procurement Services. Invoices must show: 1. Purchase Order number 2. Complete description of the commodities or services furnished 3. Quantity 4. Unit prices and extensions 5. Date of delivery or date services were performed 6. The discount terms 7. Name of the department to which shipment was made or services performed 8. Vendor Registration Number In addition, the invoice should include the vendor's invoice number and date. Before issuing the invoice, be sure to verify that it complies with the pricing agreed to in the contract or there may be a delay in payment while the discrepancy is resolved.

For VSS help please call (602) 506-1000. It is recommended to use Internet Explorer browser when using VSS.

Maricopa County Vendor Self-Service Portal (VSS)

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