How do Onsite Wastewater Treatment Facilities (OSWTFs) work?
Most OSWTFs include a septic tank, which digests organic matter and separates floatable matter, such as grease and oil, and solids that settle in the tank, from the wastewater. Soil-based systems discharge septic tank effluent (liquids) into a series of perforated pipes or chambers buried in a disposal field or pit designed to slowly release effluent into the soil.

Alternative systems may use pumps or gravity to trickle septic tank effluent through sand, organic matter (e.g. peat, sawdust), constructed wetlands, or other media to remove or neutralize pollutants, such as disease-causing pathogens, nitrogen, phosphorous, and other contaminants. Some alternative systems are designed to evaporate wastewater or disinfect it prior to discharging it into the soil.

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1. How do Onsite Wastewater Treatment Facilities (OSWTFs) work?
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